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            華夏機床24小時咨詢熱線: 138-555-78705 中文 | EN


            • 公司總機:


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            Anhui Huaxia Machine Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

            安徽省華夏機床制造有限公司主要生產折彎機、數控折彎機、剪板機、數控剪板機、卷板機、沖床及刃模具等產品,專業為航空、輕工、冶金、金工、建筑、汽車、電力、裝璜等行業提供所需要的專用機械和成套設備、品種全、規格多,暢銷國內二十多個 省、市、區,并出口歐美、東南亞及中東等國家和地區。公司在全國各地設立辦事處,形成龐大的銷售網絡,保證了優良的售后服務。在湖北省擁有武漢華銀機電設備子公司,經銷各類名優機電設備。

            公司用現代企業的管理方法,立足于產品的質量管理,以其優秀的品質,新穎的設計,合理的價格,完善的售后服務贏得了廣大客戶的充分信賴和一致好評,被 評為“誠信納稅人”、“重合同守信用企業”并獲得“全國用戶產品質量滿意,售后服務滿意示范單位”、“中國質量過硬放心品牌”、“安徽省著名商標”等榮譽稱號。

            公司擁有兩座機床生產基地,原廠生產廠房占地面積約18000平方米,新廠區占地面積達112000平方米,具備正規化的機械制造。全體員工以先進的技術和現代化的管理手段為追求產品的完善而不懈努力。公司全面通過ISO9001:2000質量管理體系認證。公司近年來, 在滿足國內需求的基礎上,出口份額不斷攀升,產品在國外的使用也得到客戶的贊許。 2007年取得進軍歐盟的CE認證,數控機床成功自主出口德國等歐盟國家,從而為進入美洲等發達國家打下了良好的基礎。


            With series of bender, shearing machine, rolling machine, punching machine and forming dies as its main products, Anhui HuaXia  Machine Manufacturing Co. Ltd. provides special machinery and complete sets of equipment for a wide range of industries including aviation, light industry, metallurgic industry, metalworking, architecture, automobile, power industry, decoration engineering and so on. Its clients are found all over China and other  countries and regions in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Middle East. We have built offices in different parts of China, which forms a huge sales network and offers guarantee for convenient after-sales services. Besides, we have Wuhan Huayin electromechanical equipment subsidiary company in Hubei province, which deals in various kinds of famous brand electromechanical equipment.

            The company adopts modern management concept and emphasizes its quality control. It wins trust and applause from the clients with its outstanding quality, novel design, reasonable price and perfect after-sales service. It has been awarded many titles such as ‘Faithful Taxpayer’, ‘Credit Enterprise’, ‘National Exemplary Enterprise On quality & After-sales’, ‘China Quality-guaranteed Brand’ , “Anhui Famous Brand” and so on.

            The company owns two machine production bases, which covers area of 18,000 square meters and 112,000 square meters respectively, and both of them possess standardized machine manufacturing ability. The whole staff of the company is striving for the most desirable quality of products with up-to-date technology and modernized management. The company has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification and its products sell well and enjoy a good reputation both at home and abroad. Especially in recent years, its export share has been expanded increasingly. After obtaining CE Certificate in 2007, the company exported products to Germany and other EU countries successfully, which laid a good foundation for entering other developed countries.

            In pursuit of excellence, HuaXia people will keep pioneering and progressing. We sincerely wish to join hands with friends from various circles to achieve common improvement and prosperity. 

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